The not so typical thoughts of a Millennial and the Atari Box.

I know that my usual topic of discussion out there is usually Amiga related and Sega related over on Dreamcast Reloaded but after Atari re-branding of the AtariBox (now called the Atari VCS).



I can’t help but think that this is just gonna be another flash back system. Now granted we all know it’s a bit more then that. We know for example that it’s gonna have a Linux based OS we also know that it’s gonna have the same amount of power as the Dell Optiplex 780’s my high school had back in 2010.



Which is pretty good if you where to run older PC games or heck a handful of stable emulators like Stella and MAME. The hardware is cheap enough so sure why not and the Linux kernal is open sourced so that makes making the system cheaper then a meal at Red Robins (#not_sponsored_but_could_also_go_for_a_burger).



Atari also keeps talking about how this system will no only include the back log (probably identical to the flashbacks) as well as new indie titles. You also mention that it will be powerful enough to be a stream machine as well.



However it doesn’t take much of a system at all to do those types of things especially at the resolution of 1080p. I was able to pull off similar things with my Nintendo Wii right up until they shut down the virtual console and heck even then I can simply by a Rasberry Pi throw Linux Mint on there and be streaming and gaming all for under $100. So tell me why I should buy the Atari VCS for $300?



As the Atari VCS sits I have no interest in buying a micro console for the same price as the Nintendo Switch. However if Atari wanted me to buy this system there are a few more things I’d like to see coming out of this system. The biggest thing I would like to see if a given, more games.

I’m not talking more triple A games I’m talking a larger back catalog with games that not only include the 2600 and the Arcade scene. But other games from other systems as well like Airball, Cybermorph, Tempest 2000. Games from other systems from other points in Atari’s history besides the Golden Age of Arcades.



I’d also like to see the ability to boot into Atari DOS or MiNT so that through the SD perhaps or the built in hard drive. I can play other Atari computer games from the days before it was Microsoft this and Apple that.



And the two biggest gaming computers to own where either a Commodore or an Atari. I’m a sucker for new hardware that can play old games especially when they a company like Atari. But it has to enough meat on the bone and the Atari VCS has potential.



Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if with in a year that thing comes out they’ll be people out there that will have other Atari platforms running in that thing truly making it the Atari Box to own.



Maybe then I’ll buy it but I would hate to see Atari waste the potential on selling games from there other platforms since the majority of people out there probably have no idea what the Atari ST is. Be a good way to have people discover other Atari games that people may not have heard of.



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