Soul Calibur 6 Reveal – The Legend Will Never Die!


Remember Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast guess what: It’s been over 2 decades since the first entry of the game and now Soul Calibur 6 by Bandai Namco is now back with a new entry in their fighting series. Debuted at the Game Awards Show where a teaser was shown.



The reveal teaser shows Mitsurugi battling Sophitia in arena showing off new fighting styles and weapons to be charging up giving off aura like glow.



 Soul Calibur 6 will be available to purchase on

PlayStation 4 & XBOX ONE and on PC in 2018.




Being massive fan of the series I am stoked for Soul Calibur 6.


Bandai Namco have stated that Soul Calibur 6 will have epic story line, more advance and dynamic camera angles tied with a new variation on fighting mechanics. The return old characters to the series as well a new set rosters will be back in this entry of Soul Calibur 6.


It has been suggest that one of the key game-play mechanics changes called “Reversal Edge,” will allow to defend against and counter opponents attacks directly with powerful strikes apparently tied to dynamic camera angling.


Played the hell out Soul Calibur Broken Destiny on my PSP GO and Soul Calibur 4 on my XBOX 360, skipped Soul Calibur 5 which was the last entry on the PS3 and XBOX 360 back in 2012 almost 5 years ago, but Soul Calibur 6 is looking incredible developed in Unreal Engine 4 such as other games like Tekken 7 and Shenmue 3 which currently in development in Unreal Engine 4.


I have fond memories namely playing as my favourite character “Xianghua” I could pull off every single move with this character and her unique combos, probably most underrated character in the series but each to their own. Xianghua favourite fighting quote from Soul Calibur IV “You thought This was just a Decoration”



What is your most fond memory of Soul Calibur series, who was your favorite character?