Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D (Now Available on Steam)

Finally it’s been long time coming 18 years have passed but “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D” is now available on Steam. It might not have graphic fidelity compared to it’s sequel “Star Wars: Rogue Leader II” but for it’s time this game was considered be one of the best space-flight simulators of 1998 on the N64 and PC.


The PC version is without a doubt is the best version of the game which can out-put at these Resolutions:


  • 640×480
  • 800×600
  • 1024×768
  • 1280×1024


It would seem issue’s that were plaguing the older version of the PC game have been addressed which could be found playing this game on modern hardware and 64-bit operating system so far works fine on Windows 10.

The persistent game bug which would crash after every “Save” when completing a mission; is now gone.

I am very excited this game has finally come to steam, it was only last year I did “Lets-Play; it might of came out in 1998 but it holds up incredibly well for very dated Space Flight Simulator.

It was also my 13th Birthday Present from my Dad; I got this game on N64 originally . Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D put’s you right into the action that Star Wars Universe is known for; it really feel’s like you are taking on Empire as “Luke Skywalker” and “Wedge Antilles” while piloting the many space Crafts such as: X-Wing, Millennium Falcon and the Y-Wing.

This is ultimate Space Dog Fighter/Simulator experience you are ever going to get; the creators behind this game “Factor 5” managed to get the balance just right “A True Star Wars feel while also making the game feel immersive re-playable arcade fun”



+ Great Voice Acting
+ Cinematic Camera Work makes you feel like you are in Star Wars Universe
+ Sound Effect & Music just awesome
+ Space Craft Design have been faithful to Star Wars Universe
+ Missions Galore this game has no intention of boring you to death but defiantly the opposite.

+ Addictive replay value with incentive revisit missions and get your gold insignia badge.

+ Graphics: The game came out in 1998 it holds up well, aged like fine wine.




– No Windowed Mode
Factor 5 Developer’s went out business, so no more Star Wars Rogue Squadron Games 🙁



Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D gets solid 10/10 from me.