Star War The Last Jedi – Luke Skywalker Betrayed by Disney

Man I never thought the Director Rian Johnson would some how reduce Luke Skywalker into “blue milk titty drinking, alien-cow, hobo you would find on the sidewalk” – suffering from depression, isolated himself off from the Galaxy and giving up on everything. Sad thing is kinda reminded me of my old man, when I saw that scene I could actually imagine my dad doing that.


It’s strange visually the film has it’s moments, however: when it comes to character development, plot, questions promised from Force Awakens, what Luke’s been up to all this time. It’s a shock to the system bitch slap to the face, and to die hard Star Wars fans.


This is not the Luke Skywalker I grow up watching as a kid or what I thought he might be at least. When people look at Luke Skywalker they see him as this influential boy hero who took on Empire and became a Legend. He was meant to lead new era of Jedi – a strong willed person who would be the most powerful Force user in history of Star Wars.


Instead we get this depressingly dark, logical, realistic take what happen to Luke Skywalker after everything he built up was wiped out by his nephew Ben Solo. Luke Skywalker could see Ben Solo turning to the dark-side almost tried to kill him in his sleep and blames himself for this and the down fall of the Jedi Temple . – It’s stuff like this weakens Darth Vader Redemption from the Dark side when Luke Skywalker saved him in Return of the Jedi. Were they’re no lessons learnt from that pivotal moment in Star Wars history?


This is the exact opposite what fans wanted from Luke Skywalker: Fans wanted Luke Skywalker to live out our dreams to hope for something better and see our favourite hero in the best light possible and to look up too as influential figure. Sadly this was missing when it came to story arc in The Last Jedi – The only time Luke Skywalker stole the show was a quick mild stint towards the end of the film that came of clever but not the bad-ass power house we were expecting. Stars Wars fans have coined the term – Force Skyping. Then Luke Skywalker became ONE with the Force – at first I thought this scene was rather poetic ending for Luke Skywalker. Then I heard that Mark Hamill reaction after first cinema screening of The Last Jedi – Rumour has it Mark Hamill had no idea they would kill him off.  Because of that I cannot like this scene, I do believe it happened as well and from the looks of it, Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy – went behind Mark Hamill back you can see in Mark Hamill eyes and expression he looks shocked and betrayed by Rian Johnson – personally I would be too.


Allot Star Wars fans are feeling like Mark Hamill it’s certainly showing in Rotten Tomatoe’s  scores – The Audience Rating is only at 54%. It’s bad enough it’s on record that Brian Johnson has stated he might-up set the fan base and split it… So you are telling me you signed up knowing full well it’s going to upset the fans… Awesome – time to put on my poker face claps all round what way to sell a film and make millions split a fan base best idea ever genius thinking right here.



I have to give credit Mark Hamill and his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Saga he allowed me to imagine what it would be like to take on Empire piloting X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon taking on many daring missions. Lucky enough to experience what that could be like playing the Star Wars Rogue: Squadron on the N64, PC, Gamecube – for me this was dream come true as a kid growing up in the 90’s. I could die peacefully knowing I got to experience playing out my Star Wars Dreams – Star Wars Rogue Squadron series was beautifully made games by Factor 5, you could probably take a hand-full of these missions easily turn them into anthology film, it would still be way better than The Last Jedi.


Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D Lets Play


This how you give Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker Justice




It’s strange how The Last Jedi is over two hours long and not deliver any substance and yet some how managed to kill off all the most interesting and loved characters. Only to be left with un-meaningful cast that no one really cares about and mostly came off feeling like generic filler, forced diversity and lack of chemistry between characters. What  is the point of Fin actually being in this film? – Might as well kept Finn in the Stasis-Pod because he spent entire film-off ship running around after little miss dumpling Rose in the Casino and then escaped riding around causing mayhem on overly sized dogs .


To sum up Star Wars The Last Jedi I will say this: Rey turns out to be nobody and she is indeed the Mary Sue everyone predicted, so powerful in the Force Rey is Luke Skywalker does not even bother training her to be a Jedi. We don’t find out anything about the Knights of Ren back story and Snoke is just another Flash Gordon, Ming rip-off. Yoda makes Force Ghost appearance – I was actually surprised what Yoda had done during interaction with Luke Skywalker – Yoda used Force Lightning to burn that tree down. It was especially odd thing to do since Luke Skywalker was suffering from post traumatic stress and depression, you would think this might brought up bad memories of his beloved Jedi Temple burning down. Almost like a sick joke – Yoda Lord of the Trolls.

Kylo Ren who is played by Adam Driver the only developed character, Leia Organa pulls off a Mary Poppins in outer space using the Force, Poe Dameron gets bitched slapped is made to look like powerless beta-male. Enough explosions to make Michael Bay proud. The Resistance came off pathetically weak, decided to run away in fact all they seemed to be doing was running away!!! They should of taken on Snoke’s Flag-ship, in the end the First Order slowly picked-off the Resistance shuttles one by one.

Last Jedi worked hard to insult Star Wars fans – strengthen Feminist Agenda and Disney successfully wiped out Jedi heritage and the Skywalker Legacy. I would not be surprised if Star Wars: Episode 9 is lead by Council of Jedi Women knights, cough cough…. Mary Sue’s. It’s clear this is direction they are going with Star Wars – Hell I could place bets on it, this exactly how its going end up – Rey took the book of the Whill’s from Luke’s Force Tree – they end up appearing on the Millennium Falcon probably end up being selective what they choose from the book for her own Jedi Council or what ever she decides to call it.


Mark Hamill said it best  I quote

“Hey kids! It doesn’t matter if it’s not of quality, as long as it makes money”