Sonic & Sega all Stars Racing Transformed 9999 Rank

As it would appear on Steam Leader-board of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed there is currently only 3 players who managed to go beyond the impossible and managed to achieve the rank of 9999!



Now how did they do that you might wonder?


Put it this way not from legit player but using all the dirty hacks and tricks you could imagine to achieve it and not the easiest rank to achieve even with all these methods as it took team work and relentless playing with all hacks combined which took over a year to accomplish.



The greatest mile stone was just getting over 3000 rank once we done that we new it was possible to go even further.


However: The greatest challenge of them all was proving to certain individual in the community that we did indeed have the balls to take things even further especially with put me downs by the known and worst player biggest hypocrite of them all in the community and his main hobbie is obsessing over his cat Kiro – who was convinced we would never achieve 4000 rank, bitch we smashed it!



Will be seen as one the greatest victories against Nightcat who we think is from Argentina who is very reluctant to show his true self so for now we just call him Mr Potato Face.


Nightcat has a nasty habit not admitting his mistakes to this day has not said sorry to me when I proved to him and others who was really behind the Fake Facebook account but that is a story for another day.


We can finally leave the game on a high knowing that no one else would dare attempt it or even try it.


It’s our mark on the community and achievement we are very proud to admit it was us.


We found out while playing it was not possible to go beyond 9999 as this is the highest rank you can possibly get in Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed.



Probably asking yourself why would anyone even bother to attempt?


To honest it was just out of boredom plus seeing all other in game achievements for E.G (Time Attacks) and other achievements by other players had all ready been done this was the next logical step for us to take, also to piss off the community for treating me badly and my friends we wanted to beat them to the punch if they ever tried to do it themselves.


Also exposing them for the liars they are and like to see themselves as legit players however there much evidence to say they have been up to no good themselves that is a tale for another time.


It is without question the rank is virtually impossible to get legit; so far only legit rank anyone has ever got legit at this moment in time was 2800 we totally smashed that record with highest rank of 9999.


Personally I am happy to leave the game on a high and be known for it, this might mark me as hacker or using cheats we just wanted to see how far we can push it in the name of fun, really nothing else to it. So everyone can look on the leader board in wonder.


To be honest this achievements is not mine alone… Adromeda who was leading lady and mastermind behind the rank how to get it. Showed the most extreme dedication and commitment to achieving the rank. It was with a sigh or relief once we both smashed it.


We have both been working on achieving the rank for many months steadily climbing and reaching milestones along the way, it was not for everyone as it was incredibly tedious and tiring not the most fun we had playing the game but achieving the rank however just to show off the rank to everyone and bragging rights to go with it was too tempting for us to turn down.


I can certainly say I can leave the game and the community on a high and say we have left our mark. Even if it looks devious but it was sure as hell fun achieving it along with my friends we would not change that for anything.


Well done to Adromeda for going beyond her limits achieving the legendary and fabled rank of 9999!


We both certainly go down in history as the True Transformed Legends of the community for our devious shenanigans and antics and many dramas to boot at least we can say we are not boring proved that many occasions on my other campaigns but this will be greatest of the Transformed Community happy to end many years playing the game on the unreachable rank of 9999!


Special Shout out to these bad guys and awesome players of Transformed Community.