Doom AMD (R7-360) Review & Lets Play

DOOM AMD (R7-360) Review & Lets Play 

Impressive results playing DOOM, I hope this video and review helps shows you what you can do with (AMD – A10 APU”, “R7 360 GDDR 2GB V-Ram GPU”).

Doom, Recording, Hardware Setup

  • GPU R7 360 GDDR5 2GB V-Ram
  • A10 APU
  • Ram – 12GB
  • Corsair 600 Watt Power Supply
  • Played and recorded at this screen resolution: (1200 x 720)
  • Played game on Ultra Violence.
  • OBS VCE/ OBS Studio had to change the new version of OBS due hitting recording issues on 4th Level on Doom
  • Recording Bit Rate: 4000
  • AMD Encoding
  • I used “Monitor Capture” to record “Doom” on “OBS VCE/ OBS Studio” I used (Display Capture) no idea if “Game Capture works on OBS Studio”
  • Used Doom API Vulcan


Finished My Lets Play of Doom: nothing bad to say about Doom campaign it does exactly what it set-out to do pure carnage and gore fest, and one hell of adrenaline filled ride. id/Bethesda some how managed to release new life in to a very stale first person shooter genre: In the form of a very gory and messy and brutal game known as Doom.


Ultra Violence

Pretty much the perfect difficulty for my play style, you know what last time I played the original Doom was round my friends house via two PS-ONE Consoles. I probably no older than 12 years old at the time way to young to appreciate Doom for the legendary first FPS title that it was for it’s time. It was Golden Eye on the N64 that really opened up my eyes to real First Person Shooter Games, then Halo expanded on that. At first I thought Doom was just going to be another cash cow and be another generic modern day shooter. I can thankfully say this far from the truth.

My experience playing Doom in way was like playing Bioshock 2 which has weapons wheel of it’s own. Something weird happens to me when I see the amount of carnage you can do with so many weapons and the possibilities that enter my sick and twisted mind and amount of carnage I can in-flicked in the game.  I remember in Bioshock 2 laying down Spike mines while little Sister managed extract some Adam from one of the dead locals while funny looking masks locals start centering on her position to try and stop her, only to then be blown away by my traps.

Doom slightly different in that regard as it’s main focus is to get in close with the Demons and Barons and the possessed as much as possible while rewarding you for such actions with glory kills when they are stunned. Alternatively with the chainsaw you take one step further slice and dice one them up to restock and replenish lost ammo if you are in a tight spot.

There many weapons in Doom all with their own unique features and alternative fire modes. I wont go into detail about each weapons and what they can do; once you get to grips with them without thinking you be using everything at you’re disposal. Then again this probably more my own style of play so each to their own, but the weapons wheel and creative choice of destruction it’s sick and twisted and creative way to take down the many demons and hell spawns.

Over all my experience with Ultra Violence was a  natural progression neither did it feel too easy or too difficult, it was just right amount brutality. Well for me it was anyway considering I have experience playing games like this at the most brutal of difficulties with (Ultra Violence) it’s not really about the grind just how much adrenaline and amount carnage you can in-flicked while listening to some heavy metal music.

A nice blend of gory aesthetics, chaos and destruction.

Recording and Game Performance

I did encounter few issues but most of them are recording issues I had with (OBS VCE). When recording some reason it would not always record properly, the recording footage looked fragmented and corrupted what I did to solve this was upgrade to OBS Studio.

I did not have single issue at all while using (OBS Studio) however during this time, I was having issues with my hard drive spiking at 100 disk usage; which almost killed my computer, so I decided to buy (WD 1TB Hard with RPM 7200). So now my recording are saved to this Hard-Drive. Not entirely sure if this made any difference at all but at least now my (2TB old Toshiba Hard Drive) will not bottleneck anymore or overheat or run into 100 Disk usage.

It also turns out reason my disk usage was spiking because all the background applications (Windows 10) was running which I had to disable it became so bad my (Operating System) would sometimes not boot-up. I ended-up disabling or changing the schedule to number of start-up programs and background applications. Such as (Windows Defender, Skype and SuperFetch) which I think were the main culprit causing hard drive to spike 100% usage.

If you are having the same issues I hope this this helps.

Frame Rates: I don’t know about you when it comes to fast action games (30 FPS) is not going to cut for me, I don’t consider myself (1080P or 4K purist) but (720P) was just fine. I like to play at settings which enable me to react as quickly as I can because Doom on “Ultra Violence” can be punishing if you cannot react quick enough. Over all most of the time I was actually hitting a good “60 FPS” occasional drops in certain areas to “30 FPS” during start of my Lets-Play.

OBS Studio: This program was now running even better than OBS VCE, especially now I sorted out my hard-drive issues. Not entirely sure if this new setup made any difference but since fine tuning my computer; I could now see the benefits of this during the end of my Lets Play. Improvements in FPS and sometimes hitting “90-FPS” on some occasions going beyond that.

I was impressed and pleased with the outcome and setup I had running and recording Doom on my computer.

If you are like me and  game on a budget and want to record and play Doom  I highly recommend the setup which I  used during this Lets Play it works a treat.


Doom is fast paced and gore fest of a ride heavy sound track to boot.

It’s taken a classic and modern elements and gives you adrenaline and hyped up experience I  never wanted to get off. 

Doom Gets Solid 10/10

From Me.


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