Doom AMD (R7-360) Review & Lets Play

DOOM AMD (R7-360)

Review & Lets Play 

Impressive results playing DOOM

I hope this video and review helps shows you what you can do with (AMD – A10 APU, R7 360 GDDR 2GB V-Ram GPU)

Doom, Recording, Hardware Setup

  • GPU R7 360 GDDR5 2GB V-Ram
  • A10 APU
  • Ram – 12GB
  • Corsair 600 Watt Power Supply
  • Played and recorded at this screen resolution: (1200 x 720)
  • Played game on Ultra Violence.
  • OBS VCE/ OBS Studio had to change the new version of OBS due hitting recording issues on 4th Level on Doom
  • Recording Bit Rate: 4000
  • AMD Encoding
  • I used “Monitor Capture” to record “Doom” on “OBS VCE/ OBS Studio” I used (Display Capture) no idea if “Game Capture works on OBS Studio”
  • Used Doom API Vulcan


Finished My Lets Play

Nothing bad to say about main campaign it does exactly what it set-out to do pure carnage and gore fest and one hell of adrenaline filled ride. (id/Bethesda) managed to release new life in to a very stale first person shooter genre.


Ultra Violence

Pretty much the perfect difficulty for my play style.

It’s main focus is to get in close with the Demons and Barons and the possessed as much as possible while rewarding you for such actions with glory kills when they are stunned or alternatively with the chainsaw.

They’re are many weapons in Doom all with their own unique features and alternative fire modes, once you get to grips with them without thinking you will be using every weapon and second rate fire at you’re disposal.

Over all my experience playing “Ultra Violence Difficult” did not feel too easy or too difficult it was just right amount brutality.

A nice blend of gory aesthetics chaos and destruction.


Recording and Game Performance

I did encounter some issues but most of them wear mainly game capturing/ recording issues with OBS.

The recording footage looked fragmented and corrupted what I did to solve this was upgrade to OBS Studio.

However I was also having issues with my hard drive spiking at 100 disk usage, which almost killed it.  Decided to buy a new (WD 1TB Hard with RPM 7200) So now my recording are saved to this Hard-Drive instead so far not had any issues.


Frame Rates

 I don’t know about you when it comes to fast action games (30 FPS) is not going to cut for me, I don’t consider myself (1080P or 4K purist) but (720P) was just fine for me personally.

I like to play at settings which enable me to react as quickly as I can because Doom on “Ultra Violence” can be punishing if you cannot react quickly enough. Over all most of the time I was actually hitting a good “60 FPS” occasional drops in certain areas to “30 FPS” during start of my Lets-Play.


Doom is a fast paced and gore fest of a ride heavy sound track to boot.

It’s taken a classic and modern elements and gives you adrenaline and hyped up experience 

Doom Gets Solid 10/10