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Hello everyone, once again I will give you headache’s with my criticism of the most bizarre games you can find on the internet, and on this occasion… Panty Party…!!


Panty Party Rin and her love of Panty's


Taking a look at a cult game to entertain my eagerness and passion for video games. I had stumbled across little gem that if I spoke of it you would not believe that there is such a game…


Panty Party - Battle Roya

Panty Party – Battle Royal.


Japan is a country where it is possible to find more obscure and alternative games, and I had previously surprised myself with some of the games that come from the Japan for Playstation 2 from the  Simple 2000.


‘The Demolition Girl’ among others who have doubts to investigate on their own, as I prefer to avoid the ‘guest reviews’ when it comes checking out obscure crude and alternative type games.


Demolition girl Playstation 2 game from early 2000


Demolition girl being shot at by a tank


My boyfriend who is also a bit crazy and fond of this type of games, not surprised by much (why would it be?) in fact he liked me and started to play it more than I…!!!


Panty Party – is a game where you control a protagonist style ‘Mahou Shoujo’ (this is how Sailor Moon, Madoka or Sakura card captors), with the peculiarity that their special powers are based on their Panties.



Mahou Shoujo Kurumi by fu



Apparently by some kind of accident or cause of style she manages to get some kind of powers where she manages to transform into a beautiful Braga with superpowers (very original), along with an allied companion who will guide you in your adventure that is also another Braga that speaks XD  and where you will have to defeat other evil panties because it is simply so, you’re a bottom, your ally is another Braga, your enemies are more panties to the bosses are panties but more powerful and some gigantic.


As for the game play: we have a kind of hack and slash mixed with a third person shooter (the truth I have no idea how to name this genre), has many ‘Powers Up’s and Special Attacks’ even there are occasions where you can change the model of B Ragas which are well equipped with their own skills.



Haruka loves her Panty Hobbie


As incredible as it seems and against all the game I get to look funny, a story quiet crazy! that only gives you more laughter for the situations that have to pass our protagonist, a playability that is sincerely not the best in fact has some problems with the orientation of the camera, but it is usually correct, the game is not new and is a couple of years old.



Panty Party special Panty Powers

Panty Party special Panty Powers.


Since I have a very powerful PC for the demands of the current games decided to give it a try, which surprised me ‘Pants Party’ has gone so unnoticed by the community of players – I feel all a rarity and gem and exclusive of the PC platform.


Warrior of Love Haruka is here..


Anyone who wants to try it can buy it on steam that is at a very affordable price and even more the game enjoys a very good reputation having highly positive ratings XD,  that has gone unnoticed in the eyes of most players, here I leave the link Of the game in case anyone has an interest in trying it.

Panty Party - Steam Game


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