Oriental Cinema, large anime productions that did not have the welcome or recognition they deserve…



Before I start I want to clarify a couple of things…




ONE: This is the first time I have done an article like this, I have no kind of experience doing this, so please have mercy with me and do not – Hate me XD.


TWO: The Anime titles mentioned in the following article are only of my personal experience and taste, so it is very likely that there is no coincidence if any of the titles were not to your liking or expected to mention anyone in particular.


Well here we go… in my 20 years of life I the had pleasure of knowing certain anime genres.  A vast majority of people close to me never heard or new or spoke about anime.


It turns out that since I was in school I was fortunate to meet a great friend who was responsible for immersing me in the fantasy realm of Japanese Animation… Namely in Anime. A genre of fantasy, deep with thought and provoking storylines, narratives that you would not see in the Western Culture of which I do not regret drowning in for my own pleasure.


Being that in my home country, few were aware of the the anime series that came to broadcast and also not being shown during – family time hours or after school hours during the day and surely also you know, referring more to popular series that formed the childhood and youth of many such which have been popularized over the years and become mainstream such as:








These programmes were the most accessible here in my country and during this period of time when the internet was not that widely available as it is today…


The only thing that one could get access to these different types of film cultures or world cinema was through my closest contact…. My only way into this world of anime.


I saw it without being aware that it was anime at the time…  but then I wondered at the end that the text of the credits had such a strange writing…


OK sorry only five or six years ago and even though I saw other series like:


The Simpsons, always the aforementioned had a characteristic that my young age at that time was very difficult to describe, simple was called emotion something that could not feel to see the series of The Simpsons, because with that series only I laughed and occasionally tried to learn some life lesson that ended up forgetting after 5 minutes of turning off the TV.  It didn’t happen the same when I looked at Pokémon, Sailor Moon or Sakura Card Captures…


Sakura Card Captures


Because at my young age and a lack of knowledge of values and life experiences, I learned what it is to feel emotion to see a series or movies namely through anime… and I am very glad to have finally discovered if it was not for my great friend of mine, who I grow up with me to see so many series and movies from anime would be proud of me for being his worthy apprentice XD.



The years began to pass and each time the world is more welcome to this genre of animation cinematic style more excepting of eastern films and anime and culture.


Why is this the case I wondered:- Simple… With this you could get excited, emotions control human actions.


With the passage of time appeared the first Revistras and segments of newspaper where you could get access and information to different cultures a little more easily at that point in time.


The Internet was very expensive and not that good or reliable, in fact many did not even have hope it would be good means of communication at that point in time.


However: it was Magazines and Newspapers where I started to get more informed and knowledgeable on other cultures namely Japanese Anime the many other genre’s of anime and of a western culture as well. A list of all the sub genres of Anime you might of heard of come across:



  • Komodo: Anime for Kids
  • Shonen: Action anime focused mainly on a male audience (here’s Dragon Ball)
  • Shoujo: Animes dedicated to managing the themes of romance and theme for women’s public (not to say it’s only for girls)
  • Seinen: This is like Shonen or Shoujo but with more adult and complex themes (politics, religions, cultures, etc)
  • Hentai: Anime Sex (sure many favourite XD)
  • Yuri: Anime Lesbian
  • Yaoi. Gay Anime (Many girls ‘ favourite)
  • Mecha: Giant Robots
  • Gore: The name says it all



 A great variety but I am very lazy to mention that I do not remember all :V


I know that I have deviated much from the main theme but coincide necessary those words to give them a little idea what I mean and as currently I’m not a girl of 6 years ago my tastes have changed since then XD.


I want something more in-line with my age and I per-say find more interesting, with the time and the revolution of the internet and my leisure time as navigator of the network – managed to find several Gems of Anime in format of sleeves, series and movies of which I mention some of my favourites.





Tokyo Godfather

 ( Directed by Satoshi Kon’s movie)


 Tokyo God Farther



Forget the fantasies, the superhero’s that can save the world and the perfect characters that are an example to follow.


Welcome to the real world, in this movie our protagonists are 3 street beggars, more exactly a drunk with a past melancholic, a homosexual retired from the work of nightclubs and a girl who escaped from her home with a tragic motive, all gathered together as a family who share a place to live on the streets.


The story takes place on Christmas Eve and shows you the crude world of not having anything decent or to eat for that matter and you have to eat anything you find as a last resort to go to the garbage to find food and supplies.


The story gets interesting when in one of these routines, they find an abandoned baby in the trash, a child who by his appearance should not be 3 months old 🙁


(So imagine my reaction). The trio of our main characters are not bastards and pick up the child with the intention of giving it to the police, but thinking carefully at the end decide to look for the parents of the child to return.


This is where the adventure begins, not want to share anymore spoilers, because what you mentioned is just a simple introduction of the movie (certainly very nice to see it at Christmas with the family).


On the other hand it can be quiet crude the situation the movie takes many situations with humour and joy, demonstrating the most important thing is friendship and family over – materialistic things and money.


I recommend if you want to introduce yourself in to this world of anime movies, is a good starting point.








Mai Mai Miracle


(Directed by Sunao Katabuchi)

 Mai Mai Miracle Puede llegar Espana


This movie I really liked has something mystical that made me remember much of years being a nine year old kid.



When we all played in the street with our friends and did not depend on the current technologies of the 21st Century as we have today example: smart-phones, laptops, internet, capable TV,WI-FI.. especially basic technologies we take for granted such as Hovers, Microwaves, Radio, Landlines Communication, anything considered to run on electricity, etc…


In this occasion the movie shows 2 stories, an atmosphere in the 1950’s and another 1000 years even further back in time…


Where we follow the story of 2 girls in both seasons but in the same place, a poor girl who lives in a country house of the crops of her parents and another of a princess of the old JK-PON, in some way and with 1000 years of distance between them in the same place, they feel the feeling of being friends.


Although the story is mainly focused on our protagonist of the 1950’s who makes many friends, but one in particular a lifestyle and lineage very different from it.


The magic of this movie are the situations by how our characters begin to pass the time in his childhood…


Playing ‘hide and seek’ in the river and these situations are coming out at moments that in my opinion are quite poignant, because it shows you very directly the innocence of childhood and the mistakes that could punish you, just for being innocent, so you did not have any guilt.

Kids by A Pond Fishing

Alert a very small spoiler: there is a scene that in particular I moved a lot, the children come to get a fish and they gave it a name… Decide to put it in a small space of water near a river where they adorn it with – (ojas, flowers and a lot of coloured stones)


(I might of done something like that  as a child, I’m of sure of it XD), the smallest of all children, builds a raft with leaves of a plant for the fish, all were so delighted with the fish, who cared that it did not miss anything to the fish.

Mai Mai by the Pond

So… that the next day, they find one of the girls of the group on the small lake, sat with the dead fish, the girl had carried a perfume in bottle that accidentally opened in the aquatic space of the fish.


It does not sound like the big scene but I do not lie when I say that somehow it hurt me, seriously this movie had the power to make me feel bad at the time.


Anyway is one of the movies that I recommend a lot, I would say more especially to the nostalgic who want to remember a moment being children.


I have said many words and now that I review this… I realize that not written a lot about my recommendations XD…

So I will leave this to here for the moment, if you want to continue and do a second part, make a comment and tell me if you found this interesting?




Have you seen these movies?



If you did not… Then you should.



Maybe I return with a second part of the article, mentioning other cult titles and recommendations but that only depends on you my friend the reader.



You have the last word.



  Article Movie Reviews by Andromeda