Nintendo Switch will it Tank or will it Revolutionise Gaming

(Rumour has it!)

Nintendo Switch will have 720P Resolution and run 1080P when docked.

It will have over 4 – GB of memory ram

 Nintendo Switch

It would seem that Nintendo has a host of 3rd party developers backing the Nintendo Switch but only time will tell if they start to tail off or not.

Nintendo Switch Partners

The recent Nintendo Switch Trailer has adult vibe going on through out. It would seem Nintendo wants to come across to adult gamer’s not focus family entertainment system, which they have focused on in the passed with there other handheld products and consoles.


One thing was clear throughout the Nintendo Switch Trailer is they want this (Console Hybrid/ Handheld) to be seen for multi-player use on the go, which you can see clearly in the trailer when side of the handheld can be taken off, which can be used as mini controllers.

Joy Con


Nintendo are well known for going about their hardware products in their own way. In my opinion this is very bold move considering the Wii U tanked so badly with 3rd Party support not getting behind it due it being under-powered and being experimental console. 

However: the 720P display is most certainly a strong point for the Nintendo Switch, if it can play modern games at 720P which is still regarded as HD quality; I can’t really see this being an issue.

I am quite curious about this device and where it might lead honestly I can’t say that I am that hyped about it. Neither is it leap forward or backward it’s just new way to play modern games on the go.

Nintendo are really going have to pull in the right kind of 3rd party support to make this device more appealing, however having killer game apps should help the switch if done right.

If they really want to seen as the kings of multi-player once again; they should take look back what made the N64 so successful and bring back some epic classics which are well known for that platform either in HD or remade with modern graphics.

Golden Eye: is long over due for a remake would most certainly sway gamer’s to buy Nintendo Switch because it’s seen as legacy title and considered to be one of the greatest multi-player experiences for it’s time and even now is still great game to play.Nintendo Switch Golden Eye

If Nintendo are serious about this console only way I can see this console being appealing if they focus on what gamer’s can really get excited about.

 Golden Eye Switch




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