Life is Strange Review and Lets Play

If you are into story based games with multiple-dialogue segments and alternative scenes – Games like: (“Mass Effects”, “Knights of the Old Republic”, “Shenmue”).


Life is Strange pulls elements from films like “Donnie Darko”, “Butterfly Effect”,  while also playing on the theory of (Time Travel/ Chaos Theory) and hinting at spiritual connections.

The game does not shy away from dealing with important issues of empathy and morality.

At times it would seem there are too many loose-ends and story-arcs that could of been explored.

It’s difficult to say what game main goal was in my Lets-Play because at times you feel the main “Protagonist Max” is being pulled into many directions and the choices she has to make and altering things in Arcadia Bay when she decides to help people she cares about.

There are many twists and dramatic timelines

I feel we haven’t heard the last of Max’s time travelling adventures and possible other story arcs that could be explored.


Life is Strange gets 10/10 from me.


– Streaming Setup


Decided to stream my “Lets Play” this time if you are like me and from the UK haven’t upgraded to Fibre and still using a  ADSL+ line, you know how sluggish the upload speed can be for streaming.


Still it doesn’t mean it’s impossible just have to make few comprises over quality and what games can be played. Lucky enough Life is Strange is one of them.


  • OBS Studio for Streaming
  • 700 bitrates
  • 720/ 1280 resolution
  • Turtle Beach Headset