Is Old School Gaming Making A Come Back?

Thinking out loud: What seems to be more popular these day’s… Modern console gaming? or gaming on old school Consoles?

I keep seeing articles & Blogs on the “Sega Saturn” with amazing retro game titles, some them I still need to play coming up on news-feeds and articles such as: “Panzer Dragon” and “Burning Rangers”, “Chrono-trigger “ and “Secrets of Mana”.


The Dreamcast:

The Dreamcast console refuses to except that it went out business along time ago: Not surprising really, as it’s the go console that was easy to burn games to CD’s which then can be played on the Dreamcast. Dreamcast also has one of the best gaming dev-kit’s to build games on which many “indie developers” take advantage of.


The “Mega-Drive” aka the “Genesis”

Where do I start or begin with this console: – (This was the console that sent “Sega” high above other competition in the 90’s.)

The Mega-Drive has such rich amazing collection of games back in it’s day, it’s hard to guess where did it all go wrong.

I remember playing fantastic title’s like: “Streets of Rage”, “Gun Star Heroes”, “Micro-Machines”, “Earth Worm Jim“, “Mega Bomber Man” the amazing helicopter game by “Electronic Arts” – which I still have fond memories of playing it still hold as one of the best gaming experience I have played in gaming but that is my opinion. There really is nothing quite like setting out on open landscape and blowing stuff-up in a Helicopter while also rescuing the President in “Jungle Strike”  Jungle Strike or going on rampant rampage in “Gun-Star Heroes”Gunstar Heroes.

There are other games I loved about the Mega-Drive but so many games I could talk about or mention, but there are 3 games which were little obscure but very fun at the same time such as:

The Lawnmower Man

the lawnmower man


Warlock Mega Drive

These games may not of been the (AAA) title’s” of there day in the 90’s: I liked them due to how the gaming scene was back in the 90’s how there was game for anybody. I think there could be many reasons why Mega-Drive had such “Cult-Status”. It was never bound to just a few exclusives but had many Mega Drive title’s on it which could appeal to any gamer.

The Disney and Virgin Games on Mega-Drive were some of the best for it’s day such:

“The Lion King” and “Aladdin” not forgetting the “Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion” & “Mickey Mania”.

Sega have released  old classic IPs on the “3DS” in full (3D) look out for this in the coming future. Sega was the master back in the 90’s I think a newer generation gamer’s should at least give the old library a try.

Not just for nostalgia reasons but also see how well (Sega and Nintendo) will revamp these classics in glorious 3D.

SNES AKA “Super Nintendo

Another awesome console which pretty much scene holy-grail of JRPG gaming: Apparently the definition what fun should be for a console with games like: “Chrono Trigger”, “Secrets of Manner” and “The Legend of Zelda”. My personal favourite “Illusion of Time” still being talked about and possibly a return by fans of this style of gaming.


Why Fans are keeping “Old School Gaming” scene relevant?

It makes one wonder what is it about these console’s and games the fans and the retro-crowd still like about the old gaming scene, where as modern console’s games these days are re-hashes of the same game or re-skinned games as something else.

– “Order 1886” for me feel’s more like re-skin of “Gears of War” or take “Destiny” for instance which pretty much another take on Halo with some MMO mechanic’s thrown in.

Is there room for the middle market for the old-school gaming that could make a come back in today’s gaming scene; I mean we have seen allot of fans out there trying to bring classic’s back from the dead only to be shut down my dissed-letter’s.

Such as fan made “Mario 64 HD” and “Streets of Rage” remake being some of the most well known games that have been shut-down.

Not just fan-made games either: There was fan made – Short Movie based on “Metal Gear Solid” that was shutdown last year. It looked amazing what they did with such little budget but again it was another fan project that was shut down by the IP owner.


Untapped IP’s could be heading?

Got me thinking: Where the future of gaming is heading for the niche-market and true fans of certain genre’s; Be it “Eternal Champions” on the Mega-Drive or “Chrono Trigger” on the Super Nintendo. There is growing interest old school games from the 90’s but also is there room for it in today’s gaming world; which is dominated by consumer gamer’s.

Would it be good for gaming in general: If we had more choice and be able to choose more title’s to our own liking and not the games which are tailored for the masses.

There no variety anymore compared to how it was in the 90’s. Gamers are done to death with shooter’s these days

The constant milked and cash-cow games such : – (“Assassins Creed”, “Battlefield”, “COD”, “Halo”. I am adding “Resident Evil”)