GoldenEye Maps Remastered in Source 5.0

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Golden Eye is a N64 Gaming Classic that saw more N64’s sold

with this game alone compared to any other console’s for it’s time in the 90’s.

Not exactly remaster but you can now play 25 Maps from Golden Eye in Source 5.0!


It was few years ago back in 2010 that Activision came out with their own version of Golden Eye remake titled “Golden Eye Reloaded” which turned out to be another carbon copy of “Call of Duty” not the remake that Golden Eye fans wanted.

Also due conflict of interest on Nintendo part which most likely played a role in the re-imagined take ended-up being Golden Eye Reloaded.

Golden Eye Reloaded 007

No Pierce Brosan ūüôĀ who¬†originally¬†played James Bond in Golden Eye because¬†Activision thought the current Star playing James Bond (Danial Craig) being the modern Bond would appeal better to newer audience’s.

It’s fun to see a gaming classic and parts of it remade with modern graphics which has managed to keep it’s original N64 charm with a Licence not just Kill but to Thrill many Die-Hard Golden Eye fans.


Golden Eye Cartidge and N64 Console

Who can forget endless nights after school playing the many multi-player modes such as: (Team Death Match/ Licence to Kill/ Man with the Golden Gun/ Rockets Mode), with cheats activated such as “Paintball Mode” and” Big Head Mode” or running round with duel-welding¬†two¬†RC-P90 in multi-player.

Then only to find out there is a cheat to unlock more Bond Villains character select screen.pain-ball-mode

Who can forget running around as the character OddJob and Judo chopping people to the legs what way to play Licence to Kill.

Chasing after “Sean Bean” sorry I mean “006” in Cradle level or hacking Golden Eye with a “Equilizer Cheat Cartridge”equilizer so you can hack campaign levels find even more hidden area’s that was not accessible in the normal game or being able to walk through walls in campaign mode or multi-player.

Golden Eye is an epic game that created so many fond memories why I say ¬†90’s is true golden age for gaming. Which I will never forget.




Golden Eye is of the one greatest games ever made documented in gaming history which was basically the second stepping stone to Doom on the PS-1. When came to “First Person Shooters” in the late 90’s.

N64 Cartdridge


Golden Eye truly shined was playing Team Death Match “Four-way multi-player” unlike today where everyone plays shooting games online.

In the 90’s to play a game of “Team Death Match” was either done via “lan-capable” to another console which was how “DOOM” was played on the “Playstation 1” or hooking up Four Controllers to the N64.

Hard to believe Multiplayer split screen could be done 50hz cathode tube TV display. 90’s hardware was ¬†not bad considering limitations of the systems, saying that as long as you did not go crazy laying proximity mines in room frame rates should stay stable.Golden Eye Collection

Golden Eye made my teenage year’s and child hood filled with epic abundance of nostalgia and many nights round my friends house bonding over this epic shoot-em up. It’s timeless classic it’s true game that caught the imaginations and a true second stepping stone what future FPS had in stalled for us.

Golden Eye also had spiritual successor later released on the N64 and on XBOX Live as a HD Remaster which was Perfect Dark






I will reward Golden Eye 10/10

Plus nothing quite replaying childhood classics maps from Golden Eye with improved visuals, ah bliss..