Evolutis: “Interview” with Game Creator and Director – (Fernando Cruz)




Q 1)

We have known each other quiet some time Fernando Cruz with all the campaigning we have done to get Shenmue 3 over the last 4 years, noticed you have been working on new game called Evolutis can you tell me more about this game you are working on?


It’s a 2D story driven platform game about cybernetic-humans in a cyberpunk environment… Our goal is to create a playable animation such as – (Akira and Ghost in the shell…) Do not expect quick time events or any of the sort, though…

We want players to experience every-second of it by having full-control on the characters whether – It’s dialogues or action sequences.


That is awesome, I am big fan of anything cyber punk. Ghost in Shell is one my all time favorite actually reminds of book I loved reading called Hammerjack.

Q 2)

You’re Team recently attended the    event in Brazil, how did this go what was the biggest surprise of the event for you personally?


It was surreal but tiring.. I’m really proud of my team, the passion and work those guys have put on in the game are beyond the human limits.

Even though we were confident about the outcome… We never expected such an awesome feedback from both the dev’s and the audience… I met a bunch of great artists there, folks that I’m really Looking forward to meet friends for all eternity.

Besides that, how great it is to take part into a huge event like this (350.000 wow) I felt like a soccer player… Massively delighted to seeing how much the indie scenario has grown up down here.


Never actually attended gaming events myself that sounds like you had positive outcome over all.

Q 3)

What were the influence’s creating “Evolutis”?


To name a few inspirations: Shenmue, Full Throttle, David Cage games, Akira,  Ghost in the shell, Total recall, Blade Runner, Butterfly Effect 1, Life is strange, Limbo/ Inside, Metal Gear Solid, Fez, brothers a tale of two sons, telltale, Resident evil one and a bunch of indie games, music, art and movies.

Q 4)

Seeing most Indy games start out as KS Projects we will be seeing something like this in the future as development improves?


It took me 2 years to write the whole script (600 pages)  It might turn into a trilogy.

Only God knows what lies ahead. Regarding demo and a date release I’d go and say sooner than you think for the demo (by February along the kick-starter campaign) and the full thing depends on a plenty of other aspects such as KS campaign. We might have a deadline if we succeeded because we will be dealing with someone’s money and expectations. There goes something we don’t want to mess around.


Yeah understandable Kick-Starter can be tricky waters especially when it comes to backers expectation’s look at Mighty Number 9 and the blacklash over that.

Q 5)

Who is target audience, who more likely to enjoy the game?


For sure! Akira fans, Sailors (Shenmue’s), Women due to the romance, adults and indie lovers.


That’s interesting: Come to think of it, I don’t think I have played a game where romance has been that influential in games, normally just action large amount testosterone. I get the impression it’s going to have heavy story element to the game?

For sure, mate! You really dig it.

We probably have the same mindset. Action testosterone lol nice definition right there… We’re like you, tired of shooting everything that moves on the screen without a purpose.. That’s why I deeply love Shenmue (Yu Suzuki) and David Cage’s take on the industry and the way they develop their games.. That’s something we noticed in-our booth at BGS, many women stopped by it mainly because our poster attached to the wall which you could see from miles the 2 main characters about to kiss.. Women are emotional beings, they are attracted by things like this – and come on.. It’s such a thrill to be in love sometime.

Naughty Dog (mainly Neil Druckman) has taught me a lot, every aspect must be presented in the game from love to hate. Other great Dev and write in my humble opinion is Ken Levine (Bishops infinite has by far one of the best plots out there, such an amazing plot twist)

We are human beings, we are flawed.. And we want to get attached to characters.. So the main character has to be flawed, facing a lot of psychological issues.. That’s my take on the matter, sorry I always get carried away when I talk about this industry which I deeply love.


Wow… It’s true though, not just that either – (The kind of games SONY MicroSoft are offering on the “PS4” and “XBOX ONE” are boring and too Safe). Curious to think about, but yeah.. Suppose character’s have to be flawed to a degree just so people can relate to them,Interesting discussion. Saying that: I have recently done (Lets-Play of Life is Strange) that has allot of flawed human elements in it, it turned out be amazing story driven experience a sentimental emotional thoughtful ride .

Q 6)

 Also with the backlash over “No Man Sky” are you worried how the press will handle “Evolutis” once it’s published and in the public eye?


I try not to over-think about issues that I can’t control, like the out-come. So I keep focus on doing my best.. I believe everyone at Poking Life studio keep the same mindset.. We’re doing a way more than we could to deliver the best Evolutis experience ever.

Q – 7)

 How big is the team working on the game?


4 people and others that are involved in some way.

Q – 9)


What kind of budget have you set-up for this game do you think more Indy?


Low budget for a triple a but huge for an indie game.. Games that may appeal to the mass?  Not sure if the following ones will but they are on my top 5 indie games.. Crossing souls and Starr Mazer.

Q 10)

What Platforms should we expect Evolutis to come too E.G: Console,Steam,Mobile Devices?


Steam, live and psn.

Q 11)

Last Final Question: What would you say to anyone thinking about creating a game what do you think most important aspects of creating a game what is you’re philosophy?

First of all You should never settle until you find out what you really love in life.. Even if it may take a couple of years for you to figure it out. You only live once, don’t be ashamed of your choices, passions, likes, hobbies… Be ready to get yourself knocked down 10 million times and never give up until you finally make it and Support everyone’s dreams.. If we were meant to be safe, death wouldn’t exist. Your time is running out.. What are you waiting for?  Do it! You’ll have to jump off the cliff to get your parachute open.

Thanks Fernando for this interview, it was great to do this  and cover your game and how the industry is focused too heavily on actions games and not character development.