DreadOut: Review

DreadOut : Review

Dreadout is Indonesian supernatural 3rd person indy horror game for (PC) developed by “Digital Happiness”.

If you played  games like “Silent Hill”  and “Fatal Frame” or watched horror (B-movies) like the “Grudge” or the “Ring” or “Paranormal Activity”, then you will probably like this game.

The game can be played in most countries on steam.

Dreadout: Filled with intense jump-scare moments. The game is a typical straight-up horror game with similar vibe as horror games on the PS2. Dreadout is allot like the original “Silent Hill” game on the “PS1” with the constant use of darkly-lit and tightly spaced hallways and corridor.

The main protagonist is a high school student called “Linda” her and a bunch of students and a teacher called “Miss Siska” managed stumble across a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. When her colleagues stray from there school holiday trip. It doesn’t take long before “Linda” is left alone and her colleague’s go missing or get possessed.

Linda’s only defense and weapon in the game is  “Smartphone” and “SLR Camera” which you will use to take snap-shots of “Ghosts Demons and Spirits” at times they can  be very camera shy.

The game strengths:

The many ghosts and and demon’s really brings out the fear and dread in someone and it really is a great fright-fest of a game. I was  jumping out my skin every-time unsuspected ghosts or demon was creaping up on me and screaming when I was caught of guard anything can happen because of this you will feel on edge. I got the feeling I was in a film like the “The Ring” or “The Grudge” even “Poltergeist”.

I really enjoyed the eerie music too, the music set the tone perfectly engaged you in the horror ghost-story, from time to time I would be second guessing if I saw a ghost-up ahead or just getting spooked when it was actually part of the furniture.

Graphics and Controls

The graphic’s are pretty mediocre at best and the control’s seem OK but could of been implemented better; like the “analogue stick” and the “D-PAD” (Ditgital Happiness); said this game is recommended for use with the (steam-controller) but I would think most people would probably be using (360 controller instead) like myself, it would of been nice if the 360 scheme was implemented better so it would be easier to navigate the note book and the gallery.

Frustrated moments playing Dread-out

The game at times especially for act one; I came across section where “locker-key” would not show-up nor could I take photo of certain picture puzzle’s in the main hall which was annoying experience for me. I would be snapping away and nothing would happen when it was meant to!. Not sure if this was general bug in the game or if it was poorly implemented.

I had to restart the game to fix a bug! 🙁

I feel bad for doing this because you should never have to restart a game due to a glitch. On my second play-through I managed to get the key and take the photo that was needed but it turn’s out getting the locker-key I need to do the tasks in certain order because only then it appeared when it should of been there in the first place, well not entirely sure on this but that’s what it felt like.

Other Game bugs and glitches

Another issue I had is with the 3 candles on the demo section it’s never made clear what you need to do, I know games should be made to have fun and to be able to figure things out for yourself but this game pushed me to the point where everything is guess-work and more trial and error and allot of the time’s I actually stumped on what to do!!! Especially when it came to figuring out the 3 candles. There I was thinking to myself after wondering around the same area for at-least hour. I think it’s time to use YouTube to solve the problem.

I find into today’s gaming scene that having to you-tube an area is very bad thing for a gamer to do and if this happens more than enough times, then you need to address something that is actually game breaking for the user who is playing it.

I thought over-all there was lack of “Clue’s or Hints” in order to help move forward in the game and what to do next but only when it came to the picture puzzles, at times it was more random guess than actually thought, went into solving the clues this was certainly noticeable on “Act 2” with the (Giant Indonesian Hottie Section). I found myself in frustrating situations where I had no idea what to do eventually I had to YouTube that area again to find out how to progress. It turns out I needed to use the “SLR Camera” on the grass where the cat should show-up but… The only problem is…. the “cat “never showed on my run I could only see the cat from a distance.

Final wrap up and score

I give this game a solid 8/10 the game might have flaws but it feels unique and I am fan of obscure games and specially horror and survival games. I will warn you the game does have allot of bugs and issues but this minor thing when you consider what else the game offers and look into Indonesian ghost stories because it’s brilliant fright fest.

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