Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark.

Finished my play through of Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark.


Awesome creepy fright fest for the cheap price don’t expect anything of high quality with a clean shine and polish; Keepers of the Dark is obscure and gritty but it’s nice re-entry into Indonesian ghost’s and horror tales and the lore to boot.


It’s just as buggy at the first game but enough “Rooms” and “Boss fights” and “journal facts” to keep you occupied.


It’s quite easy game to finish, can easily be done on first play through in under 3 hours but if you want to get the most out it, take your time and play the game properly learn about the many super natural events the many stories.


Allot of the previous level designs from the first game have been re-used for Keepers of the Dark but many ghost stories are all new and original.

If you have played games like “Fatal Frame” and “Project Zero” this game might just be for you.

Keepers of the Dark can be  obscure and experimental in parts, not afraid to be daring stays well clear from being generic and safe title it’s a welcome breath of fresh-air and creativity and jump scares.

If you are into horror and survival games and stories on (ghosts, demons and spirits from Indonesian lore) you will like Keepers of the Dark.



I will reward this game 9/10 great s jump scare moments well thought out game on the cheap only makes you wish for more.


Only a richer and expanded experience only thing holding this game back but what do you expect for DLC that only costs £5.