DOOM: Open Beta Review

Recently played the Doom Open Beta over the weekend first impressions, well…

I can’t really give a accurate review because the Doom Open Beta was not optimized with the current hardware setup I was running at especially no options to down grade the graphics, game came across sluggish felt stiff in places.


This is the hardware I was running when playing the DOOM Open Beta:



R7 360 GPU – 2GB VRAM


Internet speed 12MB Download / Upload 0.77 Mbps

No option to downgrade graphics during play

Played 1280 / 720 resolution



Where do I start really it’s 2016 even for open beta,  I thought something like like this game with the amount of First Person Shooters on the market would of at least been some what optimized for hardware I am currently running at.

Incredibly poor frame rates during play, which at times felt unplayable, that’s not worse of it, I don’t know about you but not all of us have great internet connections.

What I found with Doom Open Beta is you going need very fast internet connection to play the game properly: at times it was impossible to make melee hit or shotgun blast when someone came running round the corner due to the fast nature of the game.

Also due lag game-play at times felt disjointed and impossible to make shot with sniper rifle.

Over all if you have piss-poor upload speed everyone else going eat you for lunch, this game not optimized well for “low upload speeds around 0.77Mbps”: So if you are thinking of getting Doom for multiplayer you have poor connection, I would not advise it. Unless you like getting killed allot, like I did or just want to run around like an ass.

Honestly the game was easy to pick up and play which one of the Doom Open Beta strong points. You can customize your load-out which has familiar vibe how it was done Call of Duty series. Level design feels like something ripped from Halo game.

Covenant: pick up was pretty cool mind you which has Jet-Pack and rockets either side which take one hit to take anyone out. So everyone will wait until this spawns then you can rush anyone in your path. It’s incredibly over-powered takes beating to kill a Covenant, great highlight of the Doom Open Beta.

Over All Doom Open Beta just feels like mixed bag of generic FPS titles we have all ready experienced,.

I will reward my current experience  playing the Open Beta a (4/10)

If it  had better online connection and game was better fine tuned for AMD hardware for me or had options to downscale the certain graphical features. I would probably given this game 6/10 over all this over all my experience Open Better was negative one but, don’t let this cloud over what main campaign will offer because this part of Doom is being made by different people so hopefully campaign proves to be more of What you should expect from a Doom game, so I will be reviewing that separately.