Crazy Taxi Lets Play

I just got my Crazy Licence on Arcade Mode

It’s been a good couple of years since I last played Crazy Taxi, this game is timeless Classic.

Even without the original sound track from Bad Religion and the Offspring and in the game adverts.

The game still holds up incredibly well for a PC port, I remember back in the day playing this on my Dreamcast when I was teenager which was almost 15 years ago now.

It was always the go to game when I was having anger issue’s I saw Crazy Taxi as a place to vent my frustration.

Where I could channel that energy into this very fast and in a way; destructive and extreme arcade car  game, due to it’s fast nature and roller coaster experience that you get while playing.

The PC version is not that perfect compared the DC release some other ports due to lazy porting of the game, there is no analogue support which made getting used to this game quite frustrating however I have adapted to this flaw quite well. There are mod’s available to correct the analogue issue still not something you should have to consider even for port which is a dam shame :(.

Whatever reason the achievements you should get on steam have now been disabled, over all I am disappointed with the Crazy Taxi PC port, this game nostalgic timeless classic. That I can always jump back into and get what ever I can out of it. I also hold this game dearly because when this game came out was a happier time in my life both direction my life was going in and gaming and music and culture scene back in early 2000 pure magic back then.

Every time I play Crazy Taxi it’s like jumping on time machine back to grunge and punk scene brings back better times attending music festivals and enjoying time with friends when I get back from shopping spree only to find my room gate crashed with my friends listening to my music and playing games.


Unforgettable awesome times I will never forget.

Crazy Taxi gets solid 10/10 from me but PC Port only gets 7/10 due lazy porting and no analogue support.



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