Bournemouth’s second Comic-Con of 2016

Bournemouth’s second Comic-Con of 2016 once again saw queues around the building for the weekend of September 3rd and 4th.  With fantastic merchandise stall, video-game consoles set-ups, Japanese food stands and cosplay galore this event was an absolute blast for TV and film fans of all ages.

Inside the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) was Star Wars legend, David Prowse! Other guests included fan favourites from Episode 1 (Ray-Park), Doctor Who (Peter Purves & Deborah Watling), Prometheus (Kate Dickie), Game of Thrones (Luke Barnes) and special effects veterans (Roy Scammel & Brian Johnson) who both worked on Ridley Scott’s Alien masterpiece.

Thousands attended this Showmaster Ltd. event and the BIC itself is a fantastic beach-neighbouring venue with wonderful staff helping to provide a great and friendly atmosphere for everyone. Cos-players, featuring characters from Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, Final Fantasy and multiple Sci-fi horror icons (and much more!) were lovely to meet. These enthusiasts, including the awesome Dorset Troopers, were more than happy to pose for a personal photograph.


International language student, Kento, said ‘I never knew such things were so popular here in Britain, this has been the best weekend I have spent here. I attended both days because I won’t get the chance again as I am going home to Japan this year.’ Check out the photo with a fantastic Princess Mononoke; Kento was delighted to have met a fellow fan of Japanese anime.



The Bournemouth Film and Comicon is expected to land once more in March, 2017. Now view the WISPARTAN gallery to see some of the action we hope you didn’t miss! Or keep an eye out for our updates on the next one 😉

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– Article Credited too  Mr. Smith