Are Modern Games Killing Hard Drives Life Span?

Are Modern Games Killing Hard Drives Life Span?

Recently encountered a few problems playing Doom – (one was noticeably that it would take about 70 second to boot-up the game) while leaving you on black screen (at first I thought this might of been a bug and my game crashed but this was not the case at all) – I just had to be patient. Wondering what might caused this issue?

Searching for answers online turns out there are many people who are having the same problem, apparently it was a bug. My setup was more than capable of handling Doom or was it?


The Hardware Setup

(“Asus Motherboard” ,”Ram 12GB” and “A10 APU”, ” R7 360 2GB V-Ram GPU” plus “2TB of Toshiba hard-drive RPM 4400”, “Corsair 600 Watt Power Supply”).

Recording Doom with OBS also my hard-drive had over 1TB of data spare did not think it would a problem while recording my Doom Lets-Play.

Once I got to 4th mission it was clear the recording quality was bad, and unwatchable. Upgrading to “OBS Studio” solved this finally. Well so I thought (Windows 10) Operating System would crash and be super slow to load-up.


It took me 4 days to finally manage to boot up my computer – (My hard-drive was running at 100% Disk Usage! at all times).

Finally worked out that my Toshiba hard-drive might be failing but why? Pushing my hard-drive to it’s absolute limit. Playing Doom and while also recording my Lets-Play most likely too taxing plus it only had a speed of 4400 RPM. No wonder it was taking time to Load and running hot.


So… Decided to buy another hard-drive – (went down to my local PC Store got myself “WD 1TB 7200 RPM”).

Worked out was that it wasn’t a memory problem at all mainly how the hard-drive was being used that would make it run hot while also having low RPM meant that could not function how it should with modern games.


Also there are a number of “Windows 10 background start-up programs and functions” also adding to the issue which I had to disable.

Mainy: (Windows Defender, SuperFetch and Skype,) for some reason these programs always needed to have access to hard-drive. Disabled and changed the schedule of these programs which sorted my issue temporarily anyway.

So with my new “WD 1 TB hard-drive” made sure this would be used for recording only also transferred all my important documents over to the new drive. It seems like “Toshiba hard-drive is probably failing”

Now I was in a catch22 situation: All my files important documents are now transferred but pretty much took up half of the disk space all ready which meant no more room for my games. So decided to leave my games on Toshiba hard-drive until I can afford a new one.


Are Modern Games taking up to much Space on Storage Devices?

Doom  takes up “45Gb” of memory and on average modern games apparently now are now taking up “25 GB”. Do they really need to be so big in the first place, maybe my own fault for not having the best setup for recording or playing games. What is clear over the course of this technical trouble shooting issue is that games are increasing in size while also needing faster speeds from storage devices in order to run properly.

This has me worried because I almost lost my Data from my Toshiba hard-drive. I can see this becoming a problem in the future as games become more complex and require more data crunching,  it seems there are no standards or limits what should be allowed.

Don’t think just games either because “Windows 10” also played a role in taxing my hard-drive as well.

It would be nice to have clear warning or something put in place. I can see the future with Operating Systems like windows 10 and games which are resource heavy ending-up running hardware you have into the ground when it could easily be avoided.

We might all want the latest graphics at certain resolutions and frame rates also multi-tasking example recording for Lets Plays. Yes might make sense to use secondary hard-drive still games are getting bigger with games like “Doom” and “Uncharted 4”.

I can only see this repeating itself with next high budget and resource heavy games question is do we really need games that are going to take-up (45Gb or 25GB) Memory?