Aliens Colonial Marines Review

I have to admit…

Aliens Colonial Marines on the PC is actually not bad graphically. However… Saying that, I am writing this review a few years since it came out with all the patches and update’s.

The PC version of “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is without a doubt the best version of the game, and what the game should of been like on release. Downloaded on steam “Aliens Colonial Marines” in a 75% discount sale. I never felt like I was being cheated out something it was bargain buy.

The main problem over all with the game is that the story is not logical and sometimes seems a little dumb. I feel little annoyed by this because there’s been so much work put into the visuals to make you feel like you are on the world of LV-426, they could really worked on something special. Instead due the rushed nature of the game and many studio’s having no clear direction we end up with rushed mostly in complete game that never realized it’s true potential.

However saying that apparently “Aliens: Colonial Marines” was in development hell for almost 7 years what ever happen during that time, something clearly stalled “Aliens: Colonial Marines” progress… Cough Cough Randy Pitch Ford Cough Cough.. Boarderlands 2 cough cough… Took over priority cough cough. Sorry about that I am allergic to epic cluster fucks.


Campaign / Co-Op & Multi-Player 

Are excellent fun which is Aliens Colonial Marines strongest features jumping in with a squad of friends and going off on a Exenomorph killing spree. Online multi-player is fantastic roller coaster ride of pure marine carnage. It really does shake-up the first person shooter genre due to epic media storm and (switch and bait) over the trailer not living up to current release of the final game. It has put many gamer’s off wanting to play. This certainly showed in “match making” where it can take up to “30 minutes” sometimes longer to find a lobby. Campaign mode is no better in fact pretty much dead… Only way you can setup up “co-op match” if you arrange them with friends or at the “Aliens Colonial Marines steam community”.


Playing as the Alien in Match Making

When you play as the Alien avatar you have to think  and  use stealth and how to actually think like the alien, instead of running and gunning like you would in (Call of Duty match) adding the alien element and stealth and “wall climbing” is a breath of fresh air to online match making. In way you get taste how the Aliens think how clever they are as species. Great little insight and thought that just makes Aliens Colonial Marines a missed gaming adventure.


Multiplayer and Different Online Modes

Highly recommend (Escape Mode) and playing as the (Lurker Alien) and also the (Spitter for Team Death Match) which has the ability to shoot acid blood from it’s mouth. Found myself going back to online Team Death match allot! – who ever made online match making well done. It’s great fun and it’s a shame “Aliens Colonial Marines” was handled as poorly as it was because level designs pretty much what you would expect from the film “Aliens” it really feels like you are on the world of LV-426.

I know you probably thinking yeah everyone slated the game, and yes… They all had good reasons too, but… Over all the game is not as bad as what people are making it out to be. Well… Not now with all the “patches updates” that it needed from the start.

It might not lived up to expectations it is a sad and missed opportunity, but over all the game is a good decent shoot-em-up like I said above really shakes up FPS in match making. Should at least give it a chance and play it on the cheap and try out the many online modes because I like to think “Aliens Colonial Marines” is great and breath’s in a new take on match making modes.


Aliens Colonial Marines DLC

The release of “Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC” this makes up for what was missing from the main story which makes a hell allot more sense. It’s shame this was never added with the retails release. The missing campaign chapters would been nice fit in the original campaign in some parts actually better than the main campaign.


After Release Updates and Mods

Now with all the updates from the modding community, they have pretty much fixed all they can that was wrong with the retail release, it’s far from perfect but still…  What they have done with the game is far better experience than what it was on it’s release.


Final Score and Break Down

I will reward “Aliens: Colonial Marines” a (7/10) awesome co-op campaign mode. Now with the release of the “DLC and upgraded graphics from the modding community” it’s almost the game you wanted. If you are fan of the film “Aliens” aesthetically “Aliens Colonial Marines” will not disappoint don’t expect much from the story enjoy the killing sprees and and the visuals pretend story doesn’t matter focus exploring the world LV-426 because this only where game doesn’t fail.