Alien Isolation – Hard Difficulty Review

Alien Isolation – Completed on Hard difficulty, don’t believe me check my achievements

Played on PC


Alien Isolation Hard Sections Lets Play


Alien Isolation strives to channel your inner Ellen Ripely


The game creator’s “Creative Assembly” suggested we should play the game on “Hard Mode“.

Did just that completed within 26 hours.

Alien Isolation is a “Tense, Adrenaline Filled, Fright Fest with enough Jump Scare moments to last you a Life Time”.


After playing 5 minutes of the game finding it hard to just picking up the controller… The game get’s under your skin in ways enters your mind,  found this out when playing the DLC – Lone Survivor, but after half-hour, I put on my Ellen-Ripley-Cap said to myself lets do this.


Lone Survivor – DLC – My first 5 Minutes of Terror


Completed many (space, horror and shoot-em-up’s) on the most unforgiving veteran mode surely “Alien Isolation” could be no different.

Unprepared just how powerless you are in the game, and just how easy it is to die; Your only real strength you have is to be as stealthy as you can and avoid making any noise and move undetected to stay alive long enough until the next Save Station.

Normally this does the trick you can get through the game with ease; I was playing the game on Hard Difficulty. The slightest sound foot-step or gun-shot and you will have a terrifying “Xenomorph” dropping out of the vent’s or chasing you down the corridor screaming “If It see’s you”and sometimes you might not here it all… While it creeps up on you sticks you with it’s tail from behind.


How to survive Exenomorph!

The deciding factor’s when the Alien comes stomping your way and the option’s you have available should you hide, run or escape the area or should you use an item to distract it?



When you decide to hide and considering your options: Should you hide under a desk or should you hide in a locker?

Think you are safe in the lockers think again…

The Alien will stalk the area your in If you come out too early and feel you need to re-enter the same locker or another locker, I would not advice it. The Alien listen’s for you and adapt’s to the situation, what may have worked a few times may not always work (3rd, 4th, or 5th time), stay on the move and use lockers and cabinets sparingly.


Save Stations

Cannot stress enough how important it is to “Save” while playing “Alien Isolation” doesn’t matter what difficulty you are playing on. No matter what you will die at some point, that I guarantee before you start thinking: I am not going to play this there no (Auto Save!) Keep in mind this adds to the tension and fun of the game and every “SAVE” is a reward in-itself.

Found this out more so on “Dr Morely” Section of the Game, I know this might sound counter productive but if you get objective done and the Alien is near by this is what I do… If I can see the Alien on the scanner and it’s behind me, sometimes it’s OK to run, but only run, if you need to “SAVE” at least this way you stand less chance of the Alien coming stalking your way and you would have saved yourself another trip if you got killed taking it too – (Safely and Slowly.)


The scanner

Use the Scanner wisely and try not to use it too much on Hard Difficulty, the Alien can here the Scanner beep noise, especially if you are hiding in a locker, the Alien might just stay in the area longer.



Will not lie… I died many times and got achievement out of it, the game will punish you at every turn, every area is designed to make your journey as difficult to complete as possible like true horror game. Alien Isolation satisfyingly wants to work against you at all times, this is no “Call of Duty Action Game”, this is “Survival Horror” remember that when you start playing otherwise you might not make it to the credits-end.



Are done in such way you will end up having to do multiple things in one area and might end up finding yourself back tracking allot when a door cannot be opened  due to a faulty power generator, or a password is needed from access terminal. Might need to hack into something and complete a mini-game, this add’s so much tension to the game, the last thing you want to do is back track when a Exenomorph hiding in the vents or stomping around.


Weapons and Items

You have limited amount of weapon’s and tool’s at your disposal which can be upgraded and obtained throughout “Sevastopol Space Station” and you will have to use each and everyone one of them sparingly.

I stayed away from using as many item’s as possible because they attracted the Alien even though you can use the item’s to lore the Alien and kill the survivors aboard Sevastopol or use item’s as a distraction by doing so the Alien will stay in the vicinity and it will take longer to complete that section of the game most of the time the Alien will creep around the area scanning until it think it’s OK to go back in the vents. – (because of this I try and avoid using as many item’s as possible and just stick with being stealthy.)


On Hard Difficulty

The Alien can be just as unpredictable and sometimes avoiding it can be impossible at times, so always have a few – (Molotov-cocktail’s) ready and the (Flamethrower) to fend the Alien off. – but remember if you do manage to scare the Alien, move out of that area as soon as possible it might come back to check if you are still there do not rely on the Flamethrower, as your main defense but as a – (Last-Resort).

Ammo and items are scarce on Hard Difficulty and the Alien at times can be relentless so be resourceful as much as possible stay hidden.



When you come across a group of Survivors aboard the space station or just one, most of the time they will be hostile toward’s you and try and shoot you if they can, If they do choose to shoot you and the Alien is near by the alien might just here the gun-shots and go straight for the human. – (Think about using this as a tactic while playing as I did when escaping the Medical Facility.)


Droids not your average Joe’s

The droids in the game can be just as dangerous and bothersome and take quite a beating to put one out of action. –  (As I found out when I fired 9 Revolver bullets into head of a droid before it went down.)

What I found worked best was to “Craft EMP” device and use this on the droid and then use your wench while it was temporary disabled to kill it. The stun-rode is some what effective against them but best to use it when they are unaware of your presence and from behind, once you got the droid going berserk with the stun rod this is your moment to kill it with the wench.


The Exenomorph

On Hard Difficulty / Nightmare Difficulty – The Exenomorph is allot like an overly attached girlfriend….

It will not be that far away and it will pop-out the vents when it feel’s like it and sometimes I have witnessed it falling back out of the vents, only to go back in again. When I thought it was going to be game-over for me. – (The Alien on Hard Mode is unpredictable put it this way.)

Stay invisible from (Start to Finish) only way (Survive!) and move all the time never linger the Alien will detect you hunt you down if you stay to long in one area, always stay on the move.

Move undetected don’t let anyone see or hear you and you will complete the game more quickly, as this was my main strategy.

As you progress through the game you are going to come up against some scripted Alien area’s where it’s going to be impossible to avoid the alien; I found this to happen allot in the Gemini area of the game, while I was trying to complete a task: That had me logging in to the access terminal twice!!! and pulling two lever’s while having a Droid and Exenomorph on the look out.


Sevastopol in Game Map

Trying to move from one area to another to be frustrating as the in game map, does not indicate which door’s can be opened and which doors cannot, vent’s location’s do not always display on the map. When you get to the Synthetic part of the game this happens more so than I would like ended up having to YouTube that area.

Saying that there are white-displayed-map terminal’s where you can upgrade the in-game-map by doing so you have a far less time being frustrated when trying to find your way through the space-station.

Over all this was only problem for me getting around the game was mostly OK but at times it could be frustrating saying that this is a horror game, it’s designed to work against you, Alien Isolation does exactly that at every turn.


Creative Assembly

Have gone above the fold to give you a Ridley Scott: Alien “Sci-Fi horror experience and creating 1979 version what future might be like, creating a real to life horror simulator that has unpredictable 8 foot Alien hunting you which creates a different experience depending if you play the game again or die many times like I did.

The music and lighting and the ambient atmosphere without it this game would not be as scary and tense as it can be at times.



The game has forgettable human character’s even Amanda Ripley herself lacked any real depth and the game story-line has gone places we have all ready gone before, saying that I have never really experienced Alien simulation quite like “Alien Isolation” so for that I can forgive it for lack of story.


Alien Isolation from me gets impressive 10 / 10 for achieving best Alien game to date, creating a classic survival horror game that was not trying to be next “Call of Duty” clone, recreated the original Alien movie in outstanding detail right down to the level design atmosphere and and lighting and sound you really feel you are in the world that Ridley Scott Directed. Alien Isolation defines exactly what horror should be.