Alien Covenant: Teaser Trailer Review (Run!!!)

Alien Covenant is certainly going to deliver on the jump scare’s and gore-factor.

We going to get the horror element from original first “Three Alien Films” Finally.

Classical Alien design is back!

Still it’s just “Teaser Trailer” maybe we have been spoiled a little early.

I just hope we find out more about how the Aliens and how they were created in the first place, and actually explain what purpose of the beast really is, what happened to Shaw… Did she find the engineers on their home planet?

Casting seems low-key that is probably a good thing the crew most probably end-up dead anyway, except for the obvious lead “Michael Fassbender” who plays both Walter and David Androids in the film watching him flip from two robot personalities is going to be fun to watch.


Is it Walter or David?


Ridley Scott all about his “Heroine Female roll characters” – Katherine Waterston who was also in (Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them) I think in this case more like (Dangerous Beasts and How They Kill You) – Will likely play a lead in this film which seems to be a popular trend in (Sci-Fi) – especially the last two Star Wars films. I just hope she wont be another Ripley looking at the teaser trailer, I think that kind of role she will end up playing but who knows…



Alien Covenant: is a return to (Hardcore R/18) movies especially success of “DEADPOOL” and the influence that “Alien Isolation” Game had on Ridley Scott to return back to the “Horror and Suspense” – If was not for “Creative Assembly work on Alien Isolation” we would probably not of had this (Hard R-Rated Alien film) – that we always wanted to watch – this is a return to 80’s Horror Flicks.



It’s about time I never got to experience these kind of films in the cinema so going to be interesting watching horror and gore on this scale at the big screen hopefully be one epic fright fest of a movie.

Rumor has it the film plot is based on Colonial Space Ship (Covenant) that lands on engineer home world, the only survivor is David from Prometheus space expedition.


The Space Jokey crashed  bomber ship from Prometheus


The Covenant ship mainly crew of Couples, Scientist and Marines.

It would seem the film is going to be a mix of all sorts we might get little bit of everything the original alien films had to offer.

A new breed of Alien called “Neomorph” which appear either to be changing the man at the start of the trailer or it’s ripping out of him.


It’s not Ridley Scott Film without them awesome inspiring establishing shots


One the main reason’s, I am looking forward to this film is that I was born 80’s, I have always envied those that watched  (Alien & Aliens) as the cinema first. I was a kid during the 90’s still I have waited a long time to get my “Alien Horror fix” at the cinema. I hope this film will deliver on that and have me scared witless, what I have seen from the short Teaser Trailer: I think it’s safe bet Ridley Scott is going deliver.