Alien: Covenant Review

My thoughts after seeing Alien: Covenant

Watching the marketing videos on YouTube Alien: Covenant it looked promising I was sure this going to be Alien Film I always wanted to see especially being die-hard Alien fan. After watching the film like most fans I felt disappointed; the film was going over the same grounds we have seen in Prometheus and other Alien films, since the success of Alien Isolation the computer game – I was completely done with the mystery behind the “Xenomorph” and wanted to find out more about what happened to (Dr Shaw and David) and the mystery behind “Engineers” and their “Home World”

It seems David bombed another faction of Engineers who like seeding other worlds. They seem like interstellar gardeners according to Ridley Scott. In his latest interview it’s never made clear in the film if this is the case the audience is only left with the clue’s such as the docking-ship coming out of the ground – I suppose the other engineer ships will be stationed, again never made clear if this is the case.

Alien: Covenant has left many fans with more “Questions than Answers” the film is fan service for those who wanted it to be more about “Xenomorph” and how that came about too many scenes left open to interpretation.

Like most Alien fans everyone had quite mixed feelings that David was the creator behind the origin of the Alien species. Personally – I would rather this remain a mystery or a dark sinister experiments that “Engineers” had probably experimented on. To be honest I cannot look at the first Alien film in the same light knowing this is what “Ridley Scott” would like to be; it feels like this film more about “David playing “Frankenstein” in his little shop of horrors” – which takes away the mystery what happened on LV- 426 in some ways completely walks over what James Cameron did with Aliens; will the Alien Queen still remain cannon?

It is by far not the worse Sci-Fi film I have seen it does have it’s merits, by the end of film the last few sequences felt rushed. Allot that was shown in marketing videos was largely left out the feature film which could of added so much more… I hope in the future there will be (Directors – Cut) with the other speculated “20 minutes taken out of the master-cut”.

I am not actually happy with the film-end-product just like Prometheus all the best bits of the film were left out on the cutting room floor, some clips in the marketing videos would of made the film more complete which sold me wanting to watch the film instead we get this train wreck of a feature which I do not like at all.

Also finding the end fate of Dr Shaw was anti-climactic you see her dead body has been necromorphed by the black pathogen and possibly experimented on by David to create possibly his successors, which is pretty twisted thing to do. However all these might get answered in the next Alien installment – Alien: Awakening.

Overall Alien: Covenant is fan service for those who wanted to see more of the Alien and the Black Pathogen many forms and David’s experiments trying to play god and his own forms of creation what he considered to be perfect organism.

As for David you learn that he has one goal in mind that is to destroy not only his creators but their creators as well; he seems hell-bent on doing it as we find out during the alteration between him and the other android Walter.

Another theory is that Alien: Covenant was filmed this way deliberately so that FOX and Ridley  can gain interest how fans want the film series and the alien universe to go in if this is true then all might be saved, I am not fan of David being the creator of our favorite monster….

One theory has it: That David actually found the Eggs on the Home-world even if this is true it just adds to convoluted story of Alien: Covenant I would rather origin of the Alien left either as a mystery or something the Engineers had been trying to replicate or all along only for David to perfect what they had all ready started.

A change of fate for Dr Shaw would be nice and if she was still alive what if David was doing all along was just a clone of her, leave her wondering the stars searching for answers instead of the literal and brutal way in which she was killed-off in the film which was a worse fate than what happened to Newt and Hicks in Alien 3 – at least they had burial scene unlike Dr Shaw.


Latest update on Alien: Awakening hope this clears up few things with Alien Covenant even Ridley Scott says he lost the plot lol


I hope with Alien Awakening: Ridley Scott addresses these issues: I would probably give –  Alien: Covenant (7 out of 10) it’s not a bad film it has allot to be desired. Again leaving gaping holes in the main story and scenes left open ended,  which is left to us to make up our minds I just hope next film all will be answered.

Not happy with the film don’t worry watch my Lets Play on Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug Hunt get the Alien fix you missed out on in Alien Covenant. I had blast playing bug hunt.


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