Alice: Madness Returns – Review & The Corruption That Followed

Alice in Wonderland “Alice: Madness Returns” is a game by Mcgee.

A rich and detailed wonder that is Alice Madness Returns


Mcgee has recently worked on new KickStarter project which continue’s the story of  Alice: Madness Returns which currently titled “Alice in other-lands” which will be animated series of shorts.

Mcgee would like to carry on the story “Alice In Wonderland” but needs permission from “EA” to give him the wrights to make it reality.

There is on going petition to get EA to let Mcgee make another

Alice in Wonderland game.

Please check it out here and sign-up:

Alice Returns received mixed reviews.

Now it was good while ago since I have played “Alice: Madness Returns” Looking back I was just amazed by the game and the detailed world how you could be pulled into it d full of imagination and wonder and eeriness and deep and mind bending story.

I picked up Alice: Madness Returns at HMV for about £20 it was lucky find actually because it was only copy I had ever seen after watching trailer on “YouTube” and new I had to play this game.

At first I was put off by the review’s I have read and watched on youtube from “IGN” and “Gamespot”.

The visuals made me feel conflicted about the game and curious… I decided to buy the game and see with my own eyes if the game is actually as bad as they are making out be.

After playing good 20 hour’s… Honestly I was blown away by it all the game was incredible and owe inspiring and rich in detail and exploration and puzzle’s. Such awesome character’s that have such witty dialogue.

I could not fault the game on anything it’s should of been game changer Alice Madness Returns just had all the elements that make-up great game.

So where did it all go wrong well few factors: one) of the review’s I watched on “YouTube” by “IGN” also “Gamespot” slated the game heavily on things that I thought totally pointless coming from very shallow minded video reviewer.

List of the complaints by IGN Review

  • Game is to long
  • Cannot pass through invisible walls.
  • Poor Design Choice
  • Link above video saying not convinced see the review here!
  • Over all experience keeps falling apart another comment by IGN game reviewer
  • The game was given score of (6.5)


IGN Review source:

Complaints from Gamespot:


  • The game doesn’t play as good as it looks.
  • Doesn’t show the display of the best action plat former’s
  • Level layouts doesn’t inspire to same level of imagination.


I am done listing all the things Gamespot has slated in this game it’s just all bullshit and contradictory to the visual’s you see in the game footage. It misses out some of the strong point’s about the game such as the witty dialogue and awesome voice acting that the character’s have and the mind bending story all the amazing and unique levels.

GameSpot Review:

Coming from me Alice: Madness Returns is awesome 3D plat-former which takes inspiration from old school platform games from the 90’s given next-gen and heavy rich content experience filled with wonder and imagination and game that could appeal to both male and female audience’s really set’s the bar with how creative you can be and experience a world like no-other but has some resemblance to Bioshock universe from technical and creative level and aesthetics’.


 Alice Madness Returns gets a 11/10 from me it gone above the board what a game should be.

I really hope that Mcgee managed to get EA to bring out another Alice in wonderland title.


Please sign here and get this game developed