Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns Review

Completed in 57 hours, ending was so worth it. What a way end FF13 Trilogy. It’s one of them feel good games I haven’t experience in about 15 years never thought get them same vibes I had playing older games back in the late 90’s early 2000, it’s spiritual ascension.

I would hold this game up there few of my favourite J-RPG’s Illusion of Gia,Grandia 2,Skies of Arcadia, Lost Oddessy, Final Fantast X Play this game with open mind…

Ignoring the DRM issue which has given this game bad rap.

The 13 days you have to complete the game would be problem, truthfully; Once you get used to the game mechanics and learn how to stop time with EP. It’s not actually as bothersome as you might think, you can do the main mission and complete side quest’s easily enough.

The clock ticking down after while becomes less of tension stricken issue more time grind some more side quest’s explore towns and it’s in habit-ants and start up conversations where ever you go.


I played this game on this “PC” setup:
+ i3-3240 3.4 GHz Dual-Core-CPU with 3MB Cache & Hyper-Threading Technology.
+ AMD Redeon HD6670 2GB
+ 8 GB Ram.


How the game performed on this setup:

Experience some frame rate drops in Yusaan and Luxerion but nothing that game breaking.



+DLC included+Japanese & English voice modes
+ Great Graphics & Visuals.
+ Motion Capture get’s (A Star) from me.
+ Excellent Voice Acting.
+ Awesome Sound Track.
+ Clothing & Item’s Galore practically “Lightning” dress up simulator
+ Quests are not as complicated or tedious as what you might think but that could be debatable.


I have always liked the story to Final Fantasy series even though it comes across convoluted mess but no one ever complained about “Metal Gear Solid” convoluted story…. Did they?

I am actually really impressed with the PC port haven’t had single issue yet with the game, not encountered any bugs or glitches.


Battling Enemies & Monsters:

Mechanics might not be for everyone liking seeing as you cannot level-up in the traditional sense.


Leveling-up via quest’s might put people off but quest’s are easier to do once you adjusted to the game. I am taking on quests like pro. Really enjoying it so far,
Biggest gripe not enough mini-games which is normally expected JRPG’s
Can’t understand the hate for this game I guess it’s cool to be hater these days than it is to be lover.


This game gets solid 10/10

Game Highlights

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